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For Children

Childrens Dental Care

At Vital Dental Clinic we recommend that children visit us at least twice a year. Children’s teeth and jaws are growing and developing constantly and should therefore be monitored by a dentist to ensure that their development progresses normally.

Bringing children to the dentist regularly from an early age helps prevent dental phobia and promotes a good attitude to their oral health. Our main focus for children is prevention. We will spend the required time with your child to make the visit fun, relaxed and informative.

We will offer dietary advice if required and educate your child about the importance of good oral hygiene. As well as an extensive examination, you can also expect a fluoride varnish to be applied to your child’s teeth. Fissure sealants are another common treatment offered to children when their first adult teeth come through.

At vital dental clinic we are passionate to work with children as we believe that the key to good oral health is to establish a good patient/dentist relationship from an early age and without any element of fear.

*Our policy is to see all children who have registered parents. They will be entitled to two free examinations per year ( includes children up to the age of 16 years)